Did you know that storing passwords on the cloud is not safe?

Can’t believe it? See for yourself


Passwords are used on
average by a person


Passwords can be cracked
in less than six hours


People use the same
password everywhere


Data breaches are
financially motivated

So, what’s the solution?

Password Manager

Just any Password Manager?

No, only the one with the
highest level of security
and protection,
which is non-hackable

Introducing InnaITKey Password Manager

India’s first FIDO2 L2 certified Biometric Authentication
enabled Password Manager, that employs military grade
encryption, and is extremely easy to use

And, Ofcourse
Proudly Made In India!

We combine the power of




Technically inclined folks - read Biometrics & PKI !

Salient features

Now, security is made easy!

Get your freedom from passwords

Some Salient Features


All credentials are stored locally on the device

No need to remember passwords, stores 500+ credentials

Secure login for all your Banking and other sites

What can
do for you

Remembering too many passwords is a challenge, so we are making it easy for you to forget all of them

InnaITKey is a safe vault to store all your passwords and slide through any website login with just a touch of your finger

The most difficult thing about passwords is having unique combinations for the hundreds of websites you access, generate strong passwords up to 64 characters

We are eliminating the biggest of problems of having to reset your passwords every now and then

We don’t like anyone spoofing or impersonating us right? We are eliminating that possibility and making sure that you are accessing the authentic site and not a spoofed one

Password hygiene problem? Phffft! it is all taken care of

Worried about the safety of your passwords? Don’t ! All your data is encrypted in military standards and its locally stored in your device. Not on any cloud!

Most importantly, its just plug and play

What our clients think
of InnaITKey

This app and device are amazing! Before, we struggled to remember over 200 passwords and maintain documents, now InnaITKey has made it easy and 100% secure.

Sathya Narayanan
IT Manager – Kaavian Systems Pvt. Ltd.

I've been looking for something like this for a long time; a very user-friendly & unique solution.


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