Dear Customer: Congratulations on your purchase. The following terms of Service of Precision Biometric (the Company) apply to all users who have purchased the InnaITKey Password Manager subscription service.

  • By using the Services provided by Precision Biometric, you represent that you have accepted the following Terms.
  • By using the Service, the customer undertakes:
    • Not to modify, reverse engineer, or create derivative works of the Service.
    • Use the Service only for legal and legitimate purposes and undertakes not to use the service for any purpose other than the legal purpose for which it is meant.
    • Not to use the Service to store, upload or transmit any harmful, indecent, or unlawful material.
    • Not to use the service in a way that disrupts or abuses our network, other users, or the Service.
  • Precision Biometric reserves the right to modify the Services at any time at its own discretion.
  • Precision Biometric reserves the right to change the price of the Services at any time and updated prices will be effective as of the user’s next billing cycle.
  • By purchasing the Service, the customer undertakes to provide Precision Biometric with accurate billing, contact and payment information and agree to pay all applicable fees.
  • Precision Biometric reserves the right to suspend or terminate a user’s access to the Services, with prior notice, if the user is found to be in violation of our terms of service, or if a subscription payment is not made within 7 days of the applicable due date. Services will be reinstated if the user remedies the violation(s) to the satisfaction of Precision Biometric.
  • Usernames, site details and a user’s contact and payment details are the only information stored by Precision Biometric.
  • Passwords are ONLY stored on the user’s own InnaITKey device and can be backed up to a personal device of the user’s choice.
  • Precision Biometric CANNOT access any passwords set by a user. Thus, in the event of theft or loss of their InnaITKey device, Precision Biometric will be unable to help a user retrieve their passwords, if they fail to back up their device.
  • Precision Biometric shall not be liable for the loss of a user’s password information resulting from the loss, theft, or destruction of the user’s InnaITKey.
  • Precision Biometric maintains all the appropriate organizational, technical, and administrative safeguards to protect user information against unauthorized access, misuse, or disclosure.
  • Precision Biometric email-based support is available from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 17:00 (Indian Standard Time). Any emails received outside of the specified times will be attended to on the following business (working) day.
  • The Customer can reach our support team by sending an email to ikpmsupport@precisionit.co.in.
  • This warranty covers defects in materials and/or workmanship of the product only and is valid for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. Warranty Validation/ Warranty Period Confirmation will be done through the Customer Invoice Date/ Purchase Receipt.
  • This warranty is applicable only to the original purchaser and is non-transferable.
  • Any replacement product will be warranted only for the remainder of the original warranty period only.

This warranty DOES NOT cover:

  • Damages resulting from Improper use, misuse, or neglect of the product.
  • Damages resulting from accidents, abuse, or acts of God.
  • Damages resulting from unauthorized modifications or repairs done to the product.
  • Normal wear and tear of the product.
  • Lost parts that were originally supplied with the InnaITKey.

This warranty will not be applicable in the event

  • The product is physically damaged.
  • The product is modified, repaired, disassembled, or otherwise tampered with by any party that is not authorized by Precision Biometric.

In case of any issues covered under this warranty, please follow these steps to file a claim:

  • Contact Precision Biometric Support Team via email at ikpmsupport@precisionit.co.in.
  • Provide your Original Purchase Receipt and Product Details in the email, along with a description of the issue(s) to be sorted out.
  • Our support team will guide the customer through the troubleshooting process and determine if the issue is eligible for warranty coverage.
  • If the customer’s claim is approved, Precision Biometric will provide further instructions for the repair or replacement of the product.

Your liability under this warranty is limited only to the price of the product or the cost of replacement, whichever is lower.
Precision Biometric shall not be liable for:

  • Any other claims other than that stated in Paragraph 5 above such as indirect, incidental, or consequential damages arising from the use or inability to use the product.
  • Any loss of data resulting from improper use, theft and/or misplacement of the device.

This warranty will be governed by the laws of India, and any disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Chennai.
The Customer shall preserve the Purchase Receipt, as it will be required for processing any warranty claims. For customer’s queries, Precision Biometric support Team may be contacted.
Thank you for choosing Precision Biometric! We value customer’s trust in Precision Biometric products and are committed to providing you with the best security.

Please keep your Purchase Receipt in a safe place, as it will be required for processing any warranty claims. If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

Thank you for choosing Precision  Biometric! We value your trust in our products and are committed to providing you with the best security.